EWUP is an upcycling resource platform which seeks to engage Ghana's vibrant creative community in the discourse towards establishing a robust upcycling industry that addresses problems created by E-Waste.

Participants will be provided with capacity development resources including training materials and practicums through various spaces and media.



Evolutiion wall clock

Over a long period of time the world has evolved through various ages. In industrial age depicted the wheels and gears in the brain of the head was significant in human development. Today, civilization has evolved so much yet there are huge global challenges.The question marks in the bottom right corner asks WHY? WHERE ARE WE GOING NOW? This clock talks about changes in the earth’s resources and activities and the effects of these on the environment through man’s ingenuity and greed. 

Gye Nyame Table clock

Gye Nyame is one of the popular Adinkra symbols of the Akan people from Ghana. It literally means “Except God”. This is the motif used for the Gye Nyame Table Clock.

Tile-Frame Mirror

The mirror frame is made from pieces of plastic from cases of different television sets and computers. The final product is a beautiful textured collage created by the differences in thickness, textures and colours of the individual materials. 

Totsi Chair

Totsi is the Ewe name for the pestle used in preparing Fufu, a local Ghanaian meal made from agbeli (cassava), abladzo (plantain), makani (cocoyam) or ete (yam) . The Totsi forms the legs of the chair. Its combination with the metal parts gives it a rural, yet, modern expression- ancient and modern. 

Mini Traquil Lamp shade

Perfect for illuminating your corner for your moments of reflection and creating.

Wine Table

The original e- gadget was a damaged paper shredding machine. It is now designed to be used as a coffee table. It comes with a compartment which can hold a few bottles of wine, an ice bucket or other items for other uses.

Motherboard Clock

This clock is made from the motherboard of a computer, smoothened out with the aid of hand tools. In spite of the plain circuit board without the projected components, the printed circuits still are the 
hidden-visible lines which can be appreciated for their functions when they were working in the computer. At the reverse side of the clock are plastic spacers which position the clock well against the wall. 

Complimentary Card Holder

This cute aluminium and wood business card holder can hold important business cards which have to be used very often. The slant of the slots facilitates easy identification of the cards arranges in them.

Decorative Table Piece

Coming with an African flavour, this piece with a wooden mask from the Central region of Ghana blends very well with brass castings from Krofofrom in the Ashanti  Region of Ghana and copper wire from the county’s biggest e-waste deposit site  located in the Greater Accra Region. The wooded stand is hand crafted from  seasoned packing cases from over the seas. All these round it into a contemporary piece portraying harmony.

Cat House

Mounted on a platform made of wood, the cat house is made from the plastic casing of a CRT TV. It is a great home for small domestic pets, particularly for cats. It has good ventilation. The quilted pad made from waste pieces of fabric from the seamstress lets the catty say ‘ thank you for giving me a comfortable house’.


Apart from just marking the page , these bookmarks help in tracking the lines you read. They are good safe tools for opening envelopes and at times help in drawing straight lines. The Prosperity(swirls) and Good Thoughts (processor) book marks are excellent gift items to have.

Flower Vase

Clean, slim and elegant is what this flower vase is. It is an excellent perch for a small space.